Proven Results:

Gastrointestinal Tract

heals ulcerations, decreases inflammation, decreases harmful bacteria & viruses.

Skin & Hair

decreases allergy symptoms, relieves itch, speeds wound healing, improves coat texture and color.

Joint & Muscle Health

helps tissue regeneration, speeds muscle recovery and reduces pain & inflammation.

Aids in Cellular Strength

increases blood oxygen levels, stimulates healing, boosts cellular metabolism & regeneration.

Formulated by Veterinarians to:

Targets Every Cell in the Body.

Restores Homeostasis of
Immune System.

Calms Down Overactive Immune System
and Boosts the Sluggish.

Kills Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast,
Protozoa and Viruses.

Activates Antioxidant System.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation
Throughout the Body.

Stimulates Healing.

VetZone Wound Spray Results

Wound/Laceration Patient experienced incredible results when Vetzone Wound Spray was applied once daily. Filly was sound and back in training within 2 months.

VetZone Ulcer Treatment Results

Bleeding Gastric Ulceration was completely healed within 20 days when Vetzone Ulcer Treatment given once daily.

Client Testimonials:

Helped Weight and Temperament!

My mare went straight to eating the product and she seemed to like it while I noticed she chose not to eat other supplements. I am now about to start my 3rd month and am very pleased with it. She has been able to keep weight on easier while hauling to races and her temperament stays better on the road as well. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone with a performance horse!

— Ashley

Miracle Hoof Oil

I first started with the hoof treatment on a horse who had lost a large chunk of his hoof from a bad abscess. Within 3 months we had the foot grown out and the horse back to full work. Not only did the hoof grow out faster, but also healthier. Then I tried the wound oil on fungus summer spots! And it was a cure for all wounds and fungus areas. Recently it has treated a horse with severe cellulitis. I have all my personal show horses on the feed through and they are showing huge improvement, and I look forward to seeing continued results for all my horses in the barn.

— Michelle