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Ulcer Treatment + Maintenance Special

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Heals ulcerations, decreases inflammation, decreases harmful bacteria & viruses.

Helps to heal ulcers and H-Pylori infections – the anti-bacterial action against numerous bacteria and helicobacter. The anti-inflammatory effect, the analgesic effect,
regenerating and stimulating effects: by increasing blood flow, eliminates tissue hypoxia and heals faster.

Destroys the bio-film, decreasing the resistance of the remaining microorganisms to antibiotics.

Reduces risk of disease recidivation.

Ozone therapy is a unique form of therapy that simultaneously heals and detoxifies at the same time. It provides pain relief while aiding tissue regeneration through activation of stem cells
During its absorption from the intestinal wall, ozone reacts with inflammatory products, eliminates the acidic and hypoxic environment and provides repair of the inner surface of the intestine.
Ozone strengthens the immune system, as a result, the microbial balance is normalized and inflammation symptoms regress. The increase in blood oxygen normalizes bowel movements .

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Ulcer Treatment + Maintenance Special



VetZone was created by two veterinarians passionate about ozone therapy and its benefits.

The passion started years ago and with research, time and love they created VetZone with the goal of helping many animals in a lot of different ways.


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The Benefits

Gastrointestinal Tract

Heals ulcerations, decreases inflammation, decreases harmful bacteria & viruses

Skin & Hair

Decreases allergy symptoms, improves coat texture and color, speeds wound healing

Joint and muscle health

Reduces pain & inflammation, tissue regeneration, speeds muscle recovery

Aids in cellular strength

Increases blood oxygen, boosts cellular metabolism & regeneration, stimulates healing