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“Since using the VETZONE for the last six months on a barrel horse that we had difficulty maintaining on other supplements, we are happy to say we finally found a product that has unlocked the potential we always knew he had! His dull hair coat is now shiny. He has gained a healthy, athletic weight which had been impossible to achieve up to this point. His top line has maintained the correct structure and he’s staying more chiropractic in line. And, he seems to be running harder and more competitive in the barrel racing arena. We absolutely recommend this product and are extremely pleased with the results!”

Casey Hammons
Ranch Manager - /W Barrel Horses


"My mare went straight to eating the product and she seemed to like it while I noticed she chose not to eat other supplements. I am now about to start my 3rd month and am very pleased with it. She has been able to keep weight on easier while hauling to races and her temperament stays better on the road as well.

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone with a performance horse!"

- Ashley



Swine Health & Show Routine

Chad Orum - Ag Science Teacher Seminole ISD

One of my duties as a ag teacher is to advise students with show pig projects. We usually feed around 125 pigs a year to show at the county show and Texas Majors. We feed some feed additives and to help develop them to there up most potential. I usually feed them first to try on my kids pigs before I recommend them to my ag students. Gut health and ulcers is always a concern. From the start to the finish, we need them on feed! I have had issue with ulcers before and wanted to be more pro active and find a product to help with my ulcer issue.

I decided to use your vet med product on my son’s pigs this year. I admitted the product orally with a small drench gun. The pigs would get up and come to the gate to get it. I was impressed with how well they like the taste of it! I had one pig ulcer this year. It was my fault because I was not giving enough vet med due to what he weighed. I was also giving him a heavy amount of Paylean and trying to burn some fat off the crest of his neck. I was about 3 weeks from my county show. This barrow did develop a bleeding ulcer, the worst I have experienced in quite some time!

I contacted Mehgan and she sent me a product to address the ulcer. The next 3 weeks were rough. He lost 30 lbs . I was drenching him with Vet Med and Ensure to keep him alive. Then he decided he wanted to eat again and did he! We had to Paylean him hard again and I knew it could be risky! He ended up 4th at Houston and never missed another feeding!

I recommend this product to feed to your showpigs from the day you put them on feed until you send them to the ring for the final time! 

I first started with the hoof treatment on a horse who had lost a large chunk of his hoof from a bad abscess. Within 3 months we had the foot grown out and the horse back to full work. Not only did the hoof grow out faster, but also healthier. Then I tried the wound oil on fungus summer spots! And it was a cure for all wounds and fungus areas. Recently it has treated a horse with severe cellulitis. I have all my personal show horses on the feed through and they are showing huge improvement, and I look forward to seeing continued results for all my horses in the barn.

- Michelle

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Proven Results, Real Healing

Wound Spray

VetZone wound spray applied
once daily. Filly was sound and in training within 2 months.

Gastric Ulceration

Completely healed bleeding gastric ulcer within 20 days with VetZone intensive training given once daily.